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The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast

As a troubled teen, Josh Galindo was kidnapped in the middle of the night and sent to a Mexican youth rehabilitation camp that would change his life forever. He would use these harrowing life experiences and learned values for the good and eventfully…

Who is Josh?

Who is Josh?

Who is Josh Galindo?

There’s a lot of people who speak and mentor but do have the experience to offer truly amazing advice for regular people. Click below to learn a little more about the complex person that is Josh Galindo.

Family Man

After getting married to his loving wife Krystal in 2011 they started their journey onto creating an amazing family. In 2013 they had their first son Beckham, and 3 more children would soon follow! Fast forward to 2020 and Josh is a proud, devout father of 4 beautiful children (Beckham, Kennedy, Kinsley & Jagger). Josh always finds time to embrace and spend quality time with his children regardless of the day he is having, as being a quality role model and supportive parent is always his number one priority.

Business Man

Josh grew up watching his mother, Angelina, become a strong, independent force in Las Vegas. She created an empire with Chicago Title, starting as a receptionist and growing into one of the most recognizable faces in the real estate world. This strong willed, do whatever it takes attitude has stuck with Josh throughout his life. With a strong business sense and relentless ingenuity Josh survived through the recession in 2008. Through Josh’s life experiences he has not only learned how to survive in any market, but thrive as well.

Josh was working exclusively in the thriving commercial real estate industry buying and selling land. When the recession struck in 2008 land real estate was the first to suffer. Josh was then forced to adapt and take on a new, but similar industry, retail real estate. Using that strong will, and do whatever it takes attitude he learned from his mother, Josh eventually went from regular real estate agent leasing an office cubicle, to becoming one of the more recognizable faces in the Las Vegas home flipping & real estate industry. Josh has flipping over 750 homes and now resides in his own beautiful building, on Flamingo & Durango, and is a broker for over 35+ agents.

The Mentor

With great success people tend to reach out and ask “How can I accomplish what you did?” The majority of successful people lack the leadership qualities to properly lead regular people into success. Josh has proven time and time again that with the passion and drive he possesses for his family and business he injects that same energy into actually wanting people around him to succeed. His track record speaks for itself, helping multiple people achieve life changing financial success.

The Person

You’d be surprised that with a wife, 4 children, multiple thriving businesses, and a brokerage with 35+ agents that he would find time for anything else. But like with everything else in his life, he finds a way to succeed. You can find Josh at LVAC every morning keeping his body in as good of shape as his mind. Fitness and living healthy is something Josh is very passionate about.