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Galindo Group Real Estate - as seen on TV

Galindo Group in the Press

HGTV | Bet The House

Husband and wife flippers, Josh and Krystal Galindo, team up with her brother, Casey, to take on Las Vegas’ most rundown, unwanted houses and transform them into dream homes. Like everything else in Las Vegas, each renovation is a gamble, but if they want to make it in this town, they’re going to have to bet the house.

San Francisco Startup Changing House Flipping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas broker and investor Josh Galindo, who flips houses for clients, said companies like Opendoor are “mop-and-glow house flippers” that make minor upgrades before selling. Their profit margins are so “razor thin” they need continued price growth, and they’ll have to create a very “streamlined system” in order to make money, he said.

Some House Flippers Still at Home in Las Vegas, Despite Slimmer Profit Margins.

Homes were so cheap during the recession that people could roll out of bed, “dumb, drunk and stoned,” head to the auction and make money off their purchase, broker and investor Josh Galindo said.

Big Las Vegas Landlords See Value in Renting Single-Family Homes

They think there’s more juice left in the system before it runs out,” said Las Vegas broker and investor Josh Galindo, owner of Galindo Group Real Estate.