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The top realtor in Las Vegas offers a range of services to fit any need. The Galindo Group buys and sells homes, giving us a unique leg up on the housing market in Sin City.

What makes a top real estate agent in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an exploding market and real estate agents in Los Vegas NV are in high demand. With an increase of nearly 100000 residents since 2008, there is a shortage of supply in a market that has not seen a drop in population in the past 30 years.

The best real estate agents do not need to seek out buyers but need to maximize value. We connect your home with buyers looking to pay a premium.

What do I need to buy a house in Las Vegas?

Top realtors not only help sellers maximize value but help buyers avoid blunders. There are plenty of opportunities to fall into a trap as the average time on the market for a home is only 13 days.

Real estate agents may try to hide blemishes rather than promote their repair. As a home flipping group, we take the opposite approach by fully disclosing any issues.

What is the average home price in Las Vegas?

The average housing price in Sin City is at an all-time high with homes selling for $285,524. Our market is hot but more affordable than cities such as Denver and San Francisco.

A booming tech market and nearly recovered service industry offer plenty of opportunity for anyone looking to become part of one of the nation’s fastest growing communities. Real estate agents form the Galindo Group have access to a wide variety of housing types at a wide range of prices.

Should I buy homes from a home flipper?

There are many reasons to consider buying homes from a realtor. We:

  • Understand the actual value of the home we sell
  • As the owner of a home, we are enticed to help by repairing damage
  • We do not want to hold onto our stock for an extended period
  • You may be able to buy a home to fix up at well below market values

With so much demand, you have a greater deal of control of the buying and selling process. We want to maintain a large inventory.

Get the value you deserve fast

For sellers looking to profit from their property quickly, our NV realtors can help. We keep our inventory high by offering to purchase homes in cash quickly in addition to following a more traditional brokerage process.

Our ability to pay eliminates middlemen. Get the price you deserve whether selling your land or home without additional fees.

Where can I buy a home in Las Vegas?

Sin City is booming and has been for decades. Our home market is among the hottest in the world and you need a top realtor in Las Vegas.

Whether you are looking for a home or looking to sell, the Galindo Group is here to help. Contact our professionals and schedule a home inspection today.

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