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Home Inspection Checklist

Home Inspection Checklist for Las Vegas NVCongratulations on your search for a new home! It’s an exciting and thrilling time, and Galindo Group wants to do everything we can to help you make the perfect decision for you and your family. We’ve put together a home inspection list for buyers, so you can be sure you’re making the best investment with your time and money.

While you’ll need a professional home inspection before completing the purchase of your new home, it’s wise to prepare yourself by looking closely at specific elements. This is meant to be a broad overview, before you schedule an official inspection.

Interior and Exterior Structure Inspection

Let’s start with the basics: the interior and exterior of your home! Look at these elements to make sure your new house is sound and safe to inhabit:

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors.
    • Are there any holes, cracks, or signs of water damage?
    • Is there any mold?
    • Any weak spots, or spots where the paint is peeling away from the wall?
  • Windows and windowsills:
    • What condition are the windows in? New or older?
    • Are the windowsills properly painted / installed?
    • Is any of the glass cracked?
    • Look for tiny wood shavings below the windowsill for an indication of wood-destroying insect activity.
  • Countertops and Cabinets:
    • Any signs of damage or peeling?
  • Doors:
    • Do they all close, with proper doorknobs?
    • Do the exterior doors have solid locks, or the ability to have a new lock installed?
    • Are you going to need to replace the front door with a sturdier option?
    • Check all sliding doors for any mechanical issues or cracked glass.
  • Steps, stairs, and railings.
    • Are they soundly attached to the house?
    • Do they require repair?
  • Exterior details:
    • Check the roof, eaves, chimneys, and gutters for missing or broken elements.
    • Inspect decks and patios for damage or signs of insect activity.
    • Does the driveway need to be replaced?
    • What condition is the garage in?
    • Is the landscaping in good condition, or will it need extensive work?
    • Look at the foundation for holes and cracks: check both inside and out!

Ensure Plumbing and Electrical Elements Work Properly

There are a few basic steps to check plumbing and electrical–even if you don’t know anything about these important components!


  • Check the light switches in every room.
  • Check for outlets and GFCI outlets.
    • Any outlet within 6 feet of a sink must be GFCI protected.
    • All countertop kitchen outlets are required to be GFCI protected.
  • Outlets of any kind should be available every 12 feet of wall space.


  • Check the water pressure out of each faucet, including the shower head.
  • Look for leaks or broken fixtures.
  • Look at the water heater for leaks or large amounts of corrosion.
  • Is there a window or a vent in the bathroom?
  • Does the toilet flush, and is it cracked or broken in any way?

Check HVAC Units for Efficiency

  • Is the thermostat new?
  • Does the home fulfill your heating and cooling needs?
  • If there are exterior units, check them for signs of wear or neglect.
  • Look at the furnace for signs of age or neglect.
  • What kind of fuel source does the HVAC system use, and is it compatible with your needs?

Professional Home Buying Assistance

If you choose to buy a Galindo home, you can rest assured–we’ve already taken care of this checklist! We make sure all of our homes are up to code and obey Nevada regulations. Take the headache out of searching for your dream home–contact Galindo Group today, and let us take care of you!
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