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Galindo Gives

Giving back to our community is something we are very passionate about. Galindo Gives originally started 4 years ago. Our team would donate to families in need around the holidays.

In 2021, everything changed. We were thrown into a world we never thought we would be challenged with. Krystal Galindo, at the age of 34, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As we took on this terrifying challenge, we chose to not let cancer win. We have become very passionate about helping others going through this and showing them that it is manageable with the right support.

Cold capping is what helped save Krystal and keep some normalcy for not only herself, but her 4 young children as well. Many survivors have said the hardest part of their journey was losing their hair, but this can be prevented! Krystal’s breast cancer journey is what Galindo Gives has evolved to: benefiting nominated cancer patients DIRECTLY. Cold capping can be very costly and we believe that should not prevent someone from keeping a healthy mind while battling cancer. All donations go directly towards helping cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy keep their hair.

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Cold Caps Allow Krystal Galindo to Keep Hair

Galindo Gives