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Galindo Group in Las Vegas

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Galindo Group in Las Vegas

Northeast of the Las Vegas strip lies Sunrise Manor. A city offering many parks, bars, and beautiful homes. If you’re interested in buying or renting a home in Sunrise Manor, Galindo Group is here for you. Our highly-experienced real estate agents help buyers, sellers, and investors with homes in the area and we’d love to help you. We also provide full renovations! So whether you’re interested in relocating to Downtown Las Vegas or to Mi Casa En El Sol, our agents will help! So contact Galindo Group today to make sure your real estate purchase or sale goes exactly as it should.

Buying and Selling Houses in the Following Neighborhoods of Las Vegas

We provide the best service in the Las Vegas area, whether you’re looking to sell your property, you’re a home buyer, or if you need a cash offer on your home.

Highly Reviewed Galindo Group in Las Vegas

Josh and his team helped me and my mother find a house with ZERO trouble. You can tell that they really care about getting us the care we need and he gave us several options to choose from, he’ll definitely be our realtor from now on!!

Avery Walker

Galindo Group Real Estate provides expert service in the Las Vegas Real Estate field.

Our team of passionate real estate brokers love giving our clients the opportunity to live in their dream homes. Galindo Group is a full-service real estate brokerage with award-winning remodels. We’re also cash home buyers, meaning we will buy your home for cash! We go above and beyond to make sure your real estate purchase, sale, or remodeling project goes exactly as it should.

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